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Photos from this year - Swietelsky MOUNTAIN BIKE STUPNO (4th - 6th August 2023)
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The foundation stone of the Stupno mountain bike race was laid in 2008. It was laid by Jaroslav Ryba, the founder of the Author Team Stupno cycling club.

During the launch of his bicycle shop, the former competitor-triathlete also founded a section where he nurtured many talents, especially Ondřej Cink. In 2008, he organized the first small competition in Stupno on the handball court for competitors. The race was later included in the Pilsen Region Cup. The number of helpers increased and the route of the race was not only marked around the barrels in the area and a few trees in the forest. Gradually, the famous DROP was built - footbridge in the forest, jumps, flaps. The track is maintained year-round by volunteers from the section.

A bigger turning point begins in 2018, when Ondra Lampík Paur, one of Jard's wards, joins the effort, taking charge of the promotion and marketing of the race. The event is no longer just about racing, but a packed supporting program and a growing booth commercial zone. All the major names of Czech biking appear more at the start.

In 2019, the race will no longer fit into the handball court area, the capacity is not enough, the whole team is growing, so in 2020 the race will have a new facility - in Břasy in the newly built ULTRAMARINKA multi-sport complex. The race has become a cycling event for the whole weekend, new partners are added, the technical background is growing,...

2021 marks the first time that the race is under the UCI banner, and ranking points are awarded to professionals. After the feedback, enthusiasm and success of 2021, the gauntlet thrown down by everyone from the surrounding area is lifted, namely the organization of the Championship of the Czech Republic 2022.

And as the experience of the organizing team grows, so does the desire to raise the level of the event itself. Champion of the Republic? We take! Preparations for one of the most responsible vintages in the entire 14 years are starting! After all, the entire republic always gathers for the home championship, parents with children, entire clubs, centers, you already have them in the area a day earlier and they expect something extra from the MČR. Well, we have to say, it was an incredibly beautiful massacre, a very strong intense experience and emotions, beautiful weather, Ondra Cink wins at home, in front of his audience, the birth of his daughter is celebrated 4 days before the race itself, Kulhavý says goodbye that day in Stupna to a professional XCO's career, 73 jigsaw costumes go on a beer ride, and the evening party goes full throttle until half past two in the morning on Sunday. A total of 743 competitors started. Friends, beautiful! After the event itself, there are still 2 months of thank you emails, messages, sms, everyone remembers and reports: the best master we have ever experienced! And that makes us happy and won't let us slack off.

The year 2023 is upon us, when again in August on the traditional date we organize a UCI race of the C2 category, and just today, at the end of April, we are already sending and confirming the promotion of the race in the application form for the year 2024, namely the UCI C1 category!