4th - 6th August 2023

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Race partners

We would like to thank all our partners and sponsors, without whom we would not be able to organize the race.

You most often ask us...

  • Is the race only for professionals?

    It is not, see program - we also have categories of amateurs, masters and bouncers. We look forward to seeing you at the starting line! :)

  • Can I do the race without training?

    As this is a technically demanding track full of artificial and technically demanding obstacles, we recommend practicing the track - drive carefully through all sections (they have their own detours).

  • Is there any facilities at the site?

    The complex is located in the multi-complex public municipal sports ground Ultramarinka. There are many parking spaces, as well as a pump-track, a workout field and benches. Also, the TJ Sokol Stupno playground - parking for caravans, refreshments, toilets and showers. All overwhelmingly on map of the area.

  • Where do I park during the event (as a fan)?

    A huge parking lot will be available for fans and visiting spectators on the meadow under the forest in Horní Stupné, right next to the tracks, see map. From the meadow, you can immediately reach the most attractive part of the track in the forest near the jump. A quick transfer will be marked to the area itself.

  • Where can I find toilets and are there refreshments available?

    From Friday to Sunday, there will be plenty of stands with refreshments (sausages, snacks, hot meals - pasta, risotto, goulash, pancakes, etc.) in the area. Toilets will be located throughout the area, the parking lot and around the track. Everything needed is noted in map of the areal.

  • How much is the entrance fee to the event?

    Entry is FREE and you can move practically anywhere.

Tips for racers

We have prepared a rich program for the competitors, but also for the visitors.
Here you will find tips on where to stay, where to eat well or where to go when you have some free time.


Darovanský dvůr

Accommodation 6 km away. It also includes golf and wellness for relaxation.


Restaurace na Trucovně

The restaurant is located in the nearby town of Radnice (4km). It also includes an outdoor terrace.


Újezd u sv. Kříže

An artificially created closed circuit for riding a bicycle or scooter.