Race information


Here you will find proposals for the race. All the necessary information in one place. Easy to download.

Race program

This year we have prepared a rich program for you. There is something to look forward to!

  • Students relays
  • ELITE relays
  • Announcement of the results
  • Half marathon (MTB+Gravel)
  • Trail run
  • Announcement of the results (morning)
  • Junior girls
  • Juniors
  • Women Elite
  • Men Elite
  • Announcement of the results (afternoon)
  • Autograph session of stars
  • DISCO party
  • Fire show
  • Adults categories according to the AC HEATING CUP
  • Children's categories according to the AC HEATING CUP
  • Announcement of the results

A more detailed program and timetable can be found in propositions.


We have compiled parking for racing teams into a clear table with sectors. Visitors and the general public park in the Stupno lower meadow near the train tracks.

Reservation of parking for racing teams

  • Basic team parking with a size of 50 m².
  • Prices are for the entire race weekend.
  • Reservations are possible until Friday 28 July 2023.

Parking fee (Friday - Sunday):
Team A1 - A3 500 CZK
Team B 400 CZK
Team C 400 CZK
Caravans A - B 600 CZK


The race track is mainly on forest tracks, meadow tracks, single trails and forest trails with plenty of room for overtaking. The track is available with basic marking already a week before the race.

  • Children 6 years
  • Children 7-10 years
  • Pupils I+II
  • Cadets and older
  • Half marathon (MTB+Gravel), trail run

This track for the smallest children measures 625 m and is free of obstacles.

The track for children from 7 to 10 years is 1400 m long and has no obstacles.

The track for pupils I+II measures 2200 m and contains 2 obstacles.

The track for cadets and elders measures 4 km and contains 6 obstacles.

The track for half marathon (MTB+Gravel) and trail run measures 7.2 km and is a less technically demanding course.

BEER RIDE - Saturday 5th August 2023 from 6:30 p.m.

It's a fun beer race. A simple circuit in the area, when completing each circuit, you have to drink 0.2 l of beer.

You can look forward to excellent beer, which was supplied by B.A.F. Centrum s.r.o. !

  • ride ideally on a old bike (folding bike and etc.) and in a costume
  • short track in the area
  • race for FREE

Race organizer

The organizer of the race is the cycling association Author team Stupno. The association is focused on educating children and youth in cycling.
The greatest thanks also go to all those who happily create the event with us. They are volunteers, parents of small competitors, part-timers, tribal members, firefighters, Mr. Mayor Míra Kroc and the background of the entire village of Břasy.


The organizing team

Jaroslav Ryba

Race director and founder of the cycling association

Jarda is primarily responsible for the technical part of the race. He prepares the individual circuits of the race and takes care of the smooth running of the entire event.

Ondřej "Lampík" Paur

Director of Communications and PR

Ondra mainly takes care of PR and marketing of the entire event. Finds new plant partners and takes care of existing ones.

They write about us

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